Should you change the locks when you buy a house? The short answer is yes! One of the most commonly overlooked tasks when buying a new house is changing the locks. There’s a lot to do and think about when moving home, so it’s easy to forget this important security measure. But changing locks on new houses is a must for all home buyers – and it should be the very first thing you do when you move in.

Why should you change locks when you buy a house?

Getting new locks fitted costs money, and it also means you’ll have to get someone out to fit them if you don’t know how to do it yourself. So why should you change the locks when you buy a house? Well, there are many reasons it should be a priority.

Firstly, changing locks on new houses prevents old sets of keys from circulating (and getting into the wrong hands). For properties that haven’t had locks changed in many years, there could be countless sets of keys that belonged to numerous previous owners floating around. It’s impossible to know how many sets of keys are out there – and who has them.

Some older buildings may not have had the locks updated in over a decade either, meaning you won’t be benefiting from the latest technology in high security locks. As a guide, locks should be routinely upgraded every few years.

Should you change the locks when you buy a house off-plan?

Despite the safe thought of your property being brand new and unlived in, there is still reason to switch your locks when you move in. This is because it’s hard to know who had access to your home while it was being constructed and the interiors being fitted.

Consider the number of contractors that would have used keys to your house, from plasterers and carpet fitters to kitchen designers and bathroom specialists.

Changing locks on new house: choosing the right locks

When you move into your home and get your locks changed, it’s important to find a locksmith company you can trust. At Locksecure 247, all of our team are City & Guilds Accredited and have been DBS checked, giving you total peace of mind when you book

Furthermore, you’ll also need to carefully consider the type of lock you want. While you are changing your front door, you should think about getting a lock upgrade.

A large percentage of home break-ins happen because of lock snapping, and it can take an experienced burglar as little as a minute to get into your home through this method! If you are changing your locks anyway, be sure to shop around for the best anti-snap high security cylinders.

Get an upgrade with Locksecure 247

We provide a range of locksmith services, including doing lock repairs, high security upgrades, burglary repairs, and changing locks on new houses. Our services are available 24 hours a day, and we aim to get most lock repairs and replacements completed on the same day.

To answer the question – should you change the locks when you buy a house? – we advise customers to do this as soon as they move in. We also advise you to take the same approach when there is a tenant switchover, or someone has moved out.

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